Life is all about ambition and I finally figured out; simplicity is the key to happiness.

In my modest opinion, when you ask something madly in life that’s where your exam starts with it. It might includes some mental violence and odd feelings you would not normally consider. Yet life always refresh us, it is a constant reinvention. I don’t think it tells you to give up but it tries to heal you instead.

It has taken me to the age of 28 to realise that if something in life is getting in the way of that, maybe it’s time to change. When you feel lost, maybe you are gaining in the invisible.. You never know, hold on. It’s pretty simple, really. I’d take on way too much in my quest to achieve, achieve, achieve – and “keep it simple” was the one piece of advice I never wanted to hear. Simple always seemed so boring, so safe, so unambitious. Now, keeping things simple is my daily goal. I’m more focused on my happiness than I am on my success and, weirdly, that seems to have made me the most successful I’ve ever been.

Lately, I started to enjoy more simple things in life like staying home rather than spending time out much, enjoying quite moments, watching, reading etc. It almost feels like my brain is in rest and my soul is in natural high. I think this is the life I’ve missed, this is the life I always have been succesful and feel the most happiest inside my mind. I have been stressing for most of my adult life. I’ve overloaded myself to the point of mania, and for what? With the hope of being succesful, yes. Because I always wanted to be succeed, yep. Because I’ve lived most of my life with a fear of running out of time, absolutely.

Now the one thing I actually want to prove to myself is that I know how to switch off, and chill the hell out.  Short time ago, I didn’t think my brain had that function. But now I’m trying and getting good at it, and gently shaving off work, social engagements – even friends – to have a simpler life has helped.


Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Munich film. Those lines were amazing and it makes me feel like I should share on my wordpress.

Hegel’s “Philosophy of Right” does not assign a moral category to “wrong”. Free will inevitably causes wrong. That’s written by Marx. The blind anarchy of capitalism. So you have to be prepared to reconsider right and wrong. Because basically those are just terms that express a horrible struggle, parts of an equation of pure dialectic.

I love philosopy. The limits of perception are always astray on the abyss of perspective and the conviction of such in its acceptance of an unceasing, gorgeous, streaming cocktail of sensory stimuli, “unequivocally” or so perceive by many as the very definition of truth. Ironically the myopic acceptance of such “truth” presents a beautiful paradox, which constantly hovers the borders of realism and surrealism. Paradox critical to an idea, idea which impregnated the mind of men since it became aware of its own existence; paradox that when unraveled can only come to one and simple logical conclusion . . . That there’s no truth, only perception, who’s limits lay astray, on a abyss of perspective. “For what matters is not the things that happen to us but the way we choose to think of the things that happen to us.”



Tough Talk

When I was at the Istanbul airport in June I saw Scarlett Johanson’s picture on the wall and it was saying “I am strong, I am free but I still need love.”

For me, I am quite talented to make wrong choices and end up breaking down, so I took it way too personal. I think every woman has kind of heart breaking but unless I’m addressing it as a larger problem, for me to talk about my own personal experience with it feels a little disturbing. You have to get to your breaking point… Rock bottom is the moment when you’re like, “I’ve lost myself. Why am I standing outside this bar in the midnight and texting while my friends are inside and having fun? Or taking a taxi to see him at some ungodly hour? Your consolation comes through whispering to yourself: This isn’t me.

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