Life is all about ambition and I finally figured out the key to happiness.

In my modest opinion, when you ask something madly in life that's where your exam starts with it. It might includes some mental violence and odd feelings you would not normally consider. Yet life always refresh us. I don't think it tells you to give up but it tries to heal you instead. It has... Continue Reading →


Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Munich film. Those lines were amazing and it makes me feel like I should share on my wordpress. Hegel's "Philosophy of Right" does not assign a moral category to "wrong". Free will inevitably causes wrong. That's written by Marx. The blind anarchy of capitalism. So you have to be prepared... Continue Reading →

Tough Talk

When I was at the Istanbul airport in June I saw Scarlett Johanson's picture on the wall and it was saying "I am strong, I am free but I still need love." For me, I am quite talented to make wrong choices and end up breaking down, so I took it way too personal. I think... Continue Reading →

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