Memories (Paris) 2

Ok so this is the second time I’m visiting Sheakspeare & Co bookshop in Paris. With the same feelings, same joy and same excitement. This time I left another note and hopefully next time I will leave another one too. This bookshop has been particularly a special place for me since I’ve watched Before Sunset’s first part. As Celine and Jess’s love was quite naive and the way of their talking about life in general, quite philopically, I feel very attached to this place. Additionally, a superb movie by Woody Allen – Midnight In Paris – made it double worth it for me to see again. So in my second visit to Sheakspeare and Co I felt the same intense feelings and spent some time around the bookshop. This time, like my first arrival to the store in 2013 ( ,  I stumbled upon another amazing books. First volumes of some Tolstoy, Krushchevs and others… it was all really nice. Finally, let me share the latest note by me. See you on the next trip. x


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