Memories (Paris) 2

Ok so this is the second time I’m visiting Sheakspeare & Co bookshop in Paris. With the same feelings, same joy and same excitement. This time I left another note and hopefully next time I will leave another one too. This bookshop has been particularly a special place for me since I’ve watched Before Sunset’s first part. As Celine and Jess’s love was quite naive and the way of their talking about life in general, quite philopically, I feel very attached to this place. Additionally, a superb movie by Woody Allen – Midnight In Paris – made it double worth it for me to see again. So in my second visit to Sheakspeare and Co I felt the same intense feelings and spent some time around the bookshop. This time, like my first arrival to the store in 2013 ( ,  I stumbled upon another amazing books. First volumes of some Tolstoy, Krushchevs and others… it was all really nice. Finally, let me share the latest note by me. See you on the next trip. x



Ego is a word that has a negative connotation in society but don’t confuse the perceived definition of ego with the actual one. Ego is associated with self-esteem, drive and determination, it only becomes negative when it is selfish. Leaders are by nature proud people and it is doubtful that a person claiming to have no ego would likely climb to the top of any profession or organization. The constant challenge is avoiding the threat of the dreaded ego trip, a destination that is fuelled by the constant need for feeding to the point that sense of true direction is lost.

Pride and ego can blind people and often makes them guilty of unwise choices and rash decisions that they may later come to regret. Pride can cloud judgment and cause emotional stupidity. The only thing worse than wounded pride is taking action based on the state of mind that it creates. Many leaders have severely limited their ability to lead because of pride and ego. An out of control ego can become so over inflated that it can come crashing down like a house of cards if left untended.

Keeping your ego in check or under control is essential decisions and actions taken that are fueled by an out of control ego or blind pride can be regretful ones. The problem is, people who are way out of control in this regard are typically too foolish to recognize or admit that they had blundered.