Coups, Wikileaks and a State of Emergency: What’s happening in Turkey

It’s been a turbulent year in Turkey with a failed coup attempt, Wikileaks dump of 300,000 emails of the ruling government party, and a declaration of a State of Emergency taking place in the span of 6 days. How has Turkey’s security strategy been responding?

 The recent failed coup attempt in Turkey has not only thrown the country into chaos, but could derail the very fundamentals of the country’s foreign policy relations with the US and Europe. In its aftermath, there could be grave consequences for European-US co-operation with Ankara to combat the Islamic State in Syria; more generally, Turkish-European Union ties, including the efforts to work together to stem the flow of Syrian refugees, are now threatened.

On the evening of Friday 15 July, various stirrings on social media reported the closure and presence of military on Istanbul’s two key bridges connecting Europe to Asia. Reports of F-16 fighter jets flying low in Turkey’s capital Ankara were also suggesting something was afoot. A video posted early to Facebook was taken while driving by the bridge asked soldiers whether this was a military exercise or whether something was wrong. They responded that it wasn’t an exercise. One of the first tweets that started to trend was #DarbeyeHayir -no to the coup, with over 530,000 tweets suggesting that the public was against this coup.

The release of 300,000 internal emails of Turkeys ruling party, AK (the justice and Development Party), by Wikileaks generated over 400,000 #Wikileaks tweets including anticipation, blocking of the site in Turkey by court order but when access was restored failed to deliver anything of scandal but did include recipes and calls by one staffer to help feed starving cats.

The announcement of the a three month State of Emergency (Olaganustu Hal) started trending in the early hours of Thursday 20th July, with almost 100,000 tweets in 24 hours #OHALde (during the state of Emergency).

We all know that buying and impact mechanics, the government attempts to confiscate in the chain of command . Chief of Staff and the movement started under the leadership of the Force Commander , it will be conducted with the participation of military commanders and other officers . Such an operation should have planned , organized and well disciplined. Therefore we are accustomed to  planned , organized and disciplined coup attempts.

The action, as in all acts of terrorism attacks were irregular, unplanned and chaotic. The tools in the hands of the attempted terrorist acts and the number of troops they use a very small part of the Turkish Armed Forces and staff. These tools and facilities to keep everyone alive , but insufficient to seize a country and the country of big enough to put a major crisis . No terrorist organization, this time as the main battle tank of having in their hands, soldiers, vehicles like the F16 and Cobra helicopters . Thus, very light for a coup against the country are faced with a terrorist act , but done with enough car to put a big crisis.soldiers, vehicles like the F16 and Cobra helicopters . Thus, very light for a coup against the country are faced with a terrorist act , but done with enough car to put a big crisis.

It was not neither a theater nor a phony . This however, was insufficient to put the government in the hands of the terrorist activities of extremely powerful tools to create a group armed with chaos. But the conspiracy is the latest tool to be applied while explaining the event. Looking at this event , and fear it will eventually Tayyip Erdogan will strengthen wished to argue that the presidential system designed by Erdogan again this action is not a healthy idea . First, have a lot of players who are dominant in the TSK for such an operation , to miss a portion of these actors , the kidnapping of the other part , to control the flight of a part and even the supposed environmental bombing . It is not possible to convince people they arrested at the end of such an operation or keep it secret.

Second, Recep Tayyip Erdogan does not need to be such an active terrorist action. To hit any target of an extremely small group could produce an assassination attempt in the presence or not of the same result in the Emuhtır . Thus, for example, instead of establishing such a huge conspiracy AGE Coast Guard Commander and the arrest of a member of the General , with a much smaller toll it was recovered .

Third, the wound a person of an event is not enough to show that he deliberately constructed by the events of that party . Individuals can benefit from the situation they are confronted with the tools at hand.

In fact, perhaps this time they feel a little of what happened with the vote , Erdogan viable growth , but this vote could win an increase in the overall process, so there was no need to do such an act . This is not the theater, but we all suffered because of the tools in the hands of some of the actions that should be recognized as a win. And as we all know that if this attempt could make at 3am in the late night, most probably it would be succesful.

Consider, too, the attempt of Coup is bad news for Turkey democracy.  If the military had won, then Turkey would have become an oppressive country run by generals. And if Erdogan wins, and this looks the likely outcome, Turkey will still become more oppressive. There is a fact that Erdogan isolated with the outside world, even becoming an actor unpopular rinse away Erdogan also increases the need for security. The steps taken by Israel and Russia can be read as an attempt to re-negotiation with the international community, Erdogan, “you can still work with me” can be interpreted as a message, but no doubt very unsatisfactory.

Turkey’s Erdogan to feel confidence in itself, anti-democratic, recognizing the human rights, the judiciary is not independent and impartial, authoritative supposed to be a country. However, even though this may be exactly trust Erdogan, but in this case the outside world could be sentenced to Erdogan, the only actor inside him when, inevitably it is happening more secure. From the perspective of Erdogan, this attempt showed two main things: First, no actor could prevent a coup attempt will be made within the chain of command. Second, Erdogan could trust any safety mechanism against such a situation.


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