Why do I love write?

It all began for therapeutic reasons. I’m one of those introverted people who simply feels a lot better after spending time alone thinking through ideas and emotions. This is a sign, I’ve come to think of a kind of emotional disturbance – a reaction to inner fragility. I wish I were more able to just act and do, rather than constantly have to retreat and examine and think. I believe it’s my mind’s attempt to regain calm and composure because of an otherwise possibly very uncomfortable level of anxiety. The beauty of all this self-examination is that – fortunately – it tells me a lot about other people. If you’re completely honest about what you feel, you’re likely to have a good insight into how others are experiencing things too.

I’m interested in contentment, fulfilment and emotional health. So I’m always on the look-out for areas that undermine a good life and dynamics that can restore us to a bit of wisdom and well-being. I’ve thought a lot about the art and culture , because I’ve found that for me, these were my greatest tonics: they’ve offered me insights and consolation at key moments. My motives are always earnestly about self-improvement. I want to learn more about myself, the world and how to stay (more or less) sane.


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