Diaries of A Word Lover

” Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.” –  Simon de Beauvoir

This is an article about to reinterpret the modern feminism.

To me, true feminisim is not about to sitting around and moaning about the lack of opportunity in womens’ life, but women1actively encouraging other women to get most of theirs. When I decided to take my time to focus on feminism issue it seems to mean that if you are a woman, who believes that man and woman are equal, then you are a feminist.  But after many sleepless night, I do not necessarily think that this is true. Feminism is a movement, it is not just to be a word used to say any woman with a good attitude in a privileged society.

This is why I think International Women’s Day is so important. It is a significant reminder that feminism…

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