It is true that the point where you back off from people you start to see things clear. Once i gave a long credit to them, trust them, taught to  take my part and then everything is just gone.
I am absolutely petrified at the thought that not one of the people I could rely on anymore in my little adventure.

So, not sure I really understand people. But I’ll give it a go. Sad I became used to it/people and as things take over anyone’s life, people change. Hard to remember as you was the part of someone’s routine. But in the end you see who worth for , how easily they overlook you when they want to go away.

Right now , I am impatiently want come back to people on their first huge disappointment in their life. The second, of all times where I spend from my comfort zone, people at least must have loyal to put their mind and understand what does that mean of being me.

I’m confused for the long days and for the feeling of everything being new, untouched, unexplored on me. I had been in the middle of frustrated feelings so many times, but this time I am going to stretch my temporal horizon almoIst indefinitely and going through all the thoughts of so much uncertainty.

Now I have one thing in mind: I don’t know for how long  I would be allowed to stick around, it would be absolutely important to enjoy every second of my time. I have to go on. I have to keep on running.  I’m running through lonely days, happy days , difficult days, beautiful days. I hide my secrets among the buildings, I find new dreams in the streets, try to lose every fear of myself and spend no day without feeling grateful for being part of this wonderful creature.


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