Virginia’s Manifestation: A Room of One’s Own



“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”

– Thank you, Virginia. Quite right.

25th of the January is the birthday of Virginia Woolf, who was an English writer, and of the foremost modernist of the tweentieth century. Tho she has been criticised for just focusing on the upper middle class of English intellengtsia, she made a major contribution to the English literature, but also to the feminist ideology. And some of famous books that you may remember by her, Mrs. Dolloway (1925), To The Light House (1927), and Orlando (1928). All of them reflects Virginia’s poetic vision and her soul deeply. However, the one I would like to talk about is ‘A Room of One’s Own'(1929).

In this work, Virginia try to make a great connection between ‘Woman’ and ‘Fiction’. The ongoing debate which focusing the unequality of women…

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Three Evolutions : Road from the 1648 to the Present



This paper will examine the three major periods of world politics as briefly. My first argument is about one of the catastrophic events which named as World Wars. The conflicts of the World War I based on the various economic, political, military developments all over Europe.  It’s fair to say, states had many expectations however, these goals hads resulted with a huge disappointment. Between 1914 and 1945 the political world was shaken by economic, social and political events.  Politically, balance of power is totally transformed Europe. Western Europe, especially, got suffered in two ways: though peace* settlements and major cost of the war. There was the question of what kind of peace to impose on Germany? At the peace conference held at Versailles, Us President Woodrow Wilson, whose occurrence symbolized America’s growing role as a major power in world politics. Wilson’s country had suffered little from the war, wanted…

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