Many adults now are in their peak of life, but many of them also in their deep fail hole, but should we use this as an excuse to escape from reality? Should we deny the nature of us being grown up just because we fail to reveal the meaning of life?

In medical term, there seem to be an essential difference between to grow and to be a grown up person. We have to terms, grow and develop, as we assume here, that a normal person will go through both.

Grow: is the process of increasing the number of cells in body with result increasing the size and volume of organ, organ system, and the whole body of a person

Develop: is the process of maturing in person, the completion of function in person

To grow is not the same as to mature, to grow doesn’t always mean to be an adult. but, from the psychology, there are stages of mental from age to age, the process of maturing, the change of perception , preference, and interest, we all will surely follow this path. No matter how hard it is to be a grown up person, at the end of the day, most of us will choose to be. Because all the hardships we go through are the way to find peace, the way to find happiness, the way to find “home”.

So, for me, instead of trap, I think growing up is like entering a labyrinth, everything is unclear, so many trapdoors, so many confusions, but most labyrinth always has a spot where a beautiful garden is placed, just like that, we have to struggle to find the way out, to the heavenly place, the place where we can feel the beauty of accomplishment.