My Fiction Of Politics

Politics-related subjects, like many fields in social sciences, are not professionally labelled degrees such as law, medicine, or engineering are. Once you have finished med school, you are automatically a doctor from that moment on, or a lawyer upon completion of legal training after law school. Moreover, it is impossible for one to possess these professions without obtaining those degrees, meaning that there is no doctor not having a med school degree, for example.  If you study a politics-related subject on the other hand, there is no authority that will employ you without any strings attached as a “politician” or a “scholar”, above all, solely because you majored in politics.  This is why the degree of Politics or of International Relations is widely portrayed as an “academic” degree rather than a professional one. And yet, if you are to specialize in this field, you will need to pursue a higher qualification after completing your Bachelor’s.  Owing to its this unique characteristic, studying higher degree in politics in order to master in an its subfield is essential for those who are deeply interested in it.  As always having been determined to study master degree ever since my freshman year at the university, I am excited to be at the decision juncture now, given that it is my next year after the college. So, how did my passion in politics start and why am I interested in it that much?

My parents brought me up with the doctorine that one should be aware of what is happening in her country, as well as across the world.  For this reason, I was constantly lectured to be acquainted with political issues which has been seen by my parents as the most likely way to touch the lives of people and the best way to understand how stuff goes on. Thus, in the first place, being interested in political affairs was more of a pre-requisite rather than a personal choice to me. Yet, it was to be my passion very soon. Virtually, I had always been blown away by the concepts and issues in politics. The likelihood of examining the ideas of freedom, touching upon ideologies from communism to liberalism, as well as dealing with revolutions and wars had been quite enticing to me.  Nonetheless, it was the second year at the university in 2011 that I got a chance to study in London for six-week summer school, and I opened my eyes into very different world. It has equipped me with valuable skills that are undoubtedly essential for a future education in my field. I have learned to analyze sources thoroughly and synthesize information to form well-reasoned arguments.  I was required to participate in debates as part of the course, which enable me to discuss with people from many different culture. Hence, I decided that if I was face to challenges in the future I need to improve my skills further. Since that time, I aspire to take a part in the European class. On the risk of sounding presumptuous, I hope to be able to make a difference in the world. Studying in the graduate class will surely put me on the right track towards achieving my dreams. As aTurkish citizen, I hope that I can reciprocate the favor and contribute to the diverse and stimulating student body.


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