“What Failure Taught Me”


There are some things in life that you can’t control, like the way humidity affects your hair, for example.  But your success and where you get to in life, you can. No matter how hard that feels sometimes.

I know this because before 4 years ago, I would not imagine my career was going to reach to anywhere good. I was effortless, discouraged and pathetic. Let me see the scene.

I studied politics. In fact, this was not a conscious decision for me but thanks to tutors for a great inspiration; which encouraged me to be able to do good jobs. After spend two years at the college, I concluded that the field of social sciences is like an immense ocean and if I was to face the pressing challenges as a decision-maker in this ocean, I would need to be equipped with further training in international affairs. Since that moment, I have been determined not to be content with an undergraduate degree.

After awhile, what happened to me was simple: I failured for an exam over and over again and I took it way too personally. I took a couple of blows and wallowed for years. I gave up trying, expecting life to come to me, rather than grabbing it. I let myself feel insignificant and forgot to tell myself I was capable of anything.

The point of this tale is that you are in control of your success. When I used to say I wanted to ‘make it big’, people would
scoff at my chances. And here I am with a successful degree , working and earning by myself. So screw them. I’ve learnt you don’t have to stick to your original plan to be successful, but more importantly, it doesn’t have to be dictated by others. When someone knocks you down, you pick yourself up and carry on.

You don’t lie on the ground for three years acting like you’ve got a broken leg, when all you did was stub your toe. If you don’t
keep driving yourself forward, there will be more wipes for you.

So now, I keep imagining myself in the good position like I want to be in the world stage. I want to have a voice. A voice that i wrote, not one that has written to me. So in my own time, i do not to beat myself up but working hard. Because I know as long as I do not take risks now, I risk my future even more.


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