My Fiction Of Politics

Politics-related subjects, like many fields in social sciences, are not professionally labelled degrees such as law, medicine, or engineering are. Once you have finished med school, you are automatically a doctor from that moment on, or a lawyer upon completion of legal training after law school. Moreover, it is impossible for one to possess these professions... Continue Reading →


Tell No One*

There’s the aspect of  accountability that is a big motivator. I’m not sure I would be nearly as motivated to finish things if I didn’t have thousands of people checking in on me every week. There’s an element of voyeurism. People like to see what other people are trying to do. It’s part of our natural... Continue Reading →

“What Failure Taught Me”

There are some things in life that you can’t control, like the way humidity affects your hair, for example.  But your success and where you get to in life, you can. No matter how hard that feels sometimes. I know this because before 4 years ago, I would not imagine my career was going to reach to anywhere good. I... Continue Reading →

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