What are you reading this week?


Welcome to this week’s blog. Here’s a roundup of my comments from ”my currently reading” section.

Reading Status Anxiety, by Alain de Botton, the author mostly known for Religion for Atheists. Realised I was looking for an intellectual author that would broaden my thinking into very different ways. If you are also looking for a fascinating guide that you could gain a distinctive perpective in life, De Botton is a must read.

There are certain types of self-improvement books, (the most popular shelf in the bookshop), however the way of Botton’s addressing the events, and his approach might be very helpful in order to reinterpret the daily life issues. For me, the most valueable point about creating a masterpiece is to reach even far-flung corners of the world and leave a print in people’s life. I suppose that nothing would be more pleasureable for a writer.

In fact, De Botton manages his book in a very philosophical way. He demonstrates his intelectual depth while amplifying his thesis over ”status anxiety”. The way of his work becomes even more charming with intriguing attributes from such luminaries as Adam Smith, David Hume, Hobbes, De Tocqueville, Marx, Paine, Rousseau, George Bernard Shaw, and so on.

So what is this book purportedly about? People are and have always been anxious, De Botton surmises, about their place in the world, about what other people think of them. We might feel ourselves to be failures in love, or financial disaster zones, or cogs in a corporate machine. All in all, he eventually declares people’s quest for love from the world.

As always, I really enjoyed a wise excerpts about the book that act as ”light bulb” – books are perfect for moments in which, in the words of Tim Hannigan, “after being bogged down in work texts and finding your recent pleasure-reading material has been somehow stodgy, you need a little bowl of something clean and crisp and icy, and small enough to slurp down in one mouthful without ruining your appetite.”

If you would like to have an extraordinary rhetorical smell, you indeed should add him to your “To Be Read” list. You MUST.


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