Irrational fears can ruin your life. Don’t let them.

Everyone gets scared sometimes. As a person, I mostly wracked with self- doubt. Its the hazard of the job that I spend large chunks of my time alone. True happiness comes  from managing those fears and anxieties (especially the illogical ones), and not letting them to take over and destroy the good things inside us, – but that’s easier said than done.

As I have been spending  the time lonely indoor and outdoor mostly, I’ve started to notice it having a direct effect on my social skills. After a few days alone on my own with my papers, I go into weird emotional cave, to the point where I found myself in a kind of social disconnection.  No more waits for a message, then text back. Too much time alone means I consumed my all energy in my own head. I even get freaked out about the effect of polite conversation. I used to tell myself no one understands the pressure of my deadlines. I set aside myself from the real world.


I considered to get out of myself from the cave, no matter how pressing the deadlines. I decided to go for a walk and be a part of other lives other more. It always make you feel that your problems are not as bigger than  you think.  Since this particular incident, I have been making a deliberate effort not to get myself into much that state in the first place. I make sure to go out everyday, and not just to walk. I try to have people around, and I believe it will be helped. As a result, i hope to far away from my fears and discover the pleasure in others lives.

We have to take the note of the irrational fears makes us afraid to make decision when we are happy with that or not. I think we should focus on the thing, not ourselves, but because the way its easier how illogical it is. Our fears run the risk of ruining everything for us. Let’s not give in to them. Let’s-not-give-in.




” Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.” –  Simon de Beauvoir

This is an article about to reinterpret the modern feminism.

To me, true feminisim is not about to sitting around and moaning about the lack of opportunity in womens’ life, but women1actively encouraging other women to get most of theirs. When I decided to take my time to focus on feminism issue it seems to mean that if you are a woman, who believes that man and woman are equal, then you are a feminist.  But after many sleepless night, I do not necessarily think that this is true. Feminism is a movement, it is not just to be a word used to say any woman with a good attitude in a privileged society.

This is why I think International Women’s Day is so important. It is a significant reminder that feminism should not be a selfish enterprise. To sit and revel events which happens in the society is not what movements are for. There are millions of women living in the world, who does not have most rights that we have and took for granted, have the power to change the world if we really put our minds to it.

The  first- wave feminist movement in the turn of the last century throughout the world, fought for the vote was a selfless campaign by a strident group  about de jure (officially mandated)  inequalities. They tirelesly worked hard for our future, not just for the present. So, when our grandmothers stand up and fought for our rights, they presummed the women called themselves as feminist in 2014 would be doing the same thing – helping other women .

Let me hit you with some facts… The majority of people living in poverty around the world are women. Women earn only 10% of the world’s income and own less than 1% of the world’s property. Over 800 women die from pregnancy – related illness, mostly in developing countries. And violence against women is responsible for more deaths, and disability in women 15-44 aged globally than cancer, malaria, car accidents. We need International Women’s Day to remind us that a feminist’s work is not done yet.

With our support, women across the world will gain the confidence to build their own business and attain true independence. IWD is not just a one day. It is a catalyst for the change. There are many ways to get involved whether its fundraising, or donating unwanted goods to Oxfam shops – I know I will be.

So, next time you call yourself a feminist, have a think about the last thing you actively did and improved the lives of other women. Get involved, united actions will play a key role not just women, for everyone.


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