I Just Said

Sometimes, certain places hold a greater value to our hearts. These are the places some of us call home and some call dreams. Some other don’t have a name for this places, because they haven’t been there just yet. They don’t even suspect that such places can even exist. They can’t even imagine that a place can give them any joy at all.

For them a place is the space in which they walk, in which they live and develop relationships. For the lucky few that, while travelling around the world, discover that a place can be so much more than these things, this discovery can cause a real revolution in their life. Everything from their space will start to look dull and empty and their brains can be consumed by a single thought:

My entire life is waiting for me in this new place. I need to be there.

The feeling is not dissimilar from the one everyone feels when waking up from a strange dream and understanding that there’s somewhere or something else out there that is so much better. Someone has just pressed the play button and so many more things start to make sense.

This is the story of how G. found out about the existence of her own special place. The story of how G. went to live there and what happened since the day she moved. This is the story of the incredible love that G. felt for the place, and the story of all the love for life that the place gave to G.

It’s the story of a revolution, of the thousand difficulties everyone encounters when he or she moves to a new place and a story of little things. A story of days, smiles and other crazy things.