The very first beginnings

This is what I’ve just found between my uni notes. Even for now, it seems very inspiring to me that I feel needed to share..

Here is my first impressions about liberal thinking during long study
hours.. : )

“Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains. We are born free by nature but we are in chains in society in some kind. We are loading with many advantages by leaving the nature but gain more than we lose. Is it possible to have a stable society in which men and women can be free? Thomas Hobbes says NO. The world ruled by scarcity and we must compete for resources in order to survive. Locke and rousseau were more optimistic. Locke declared that reason to be the common rule given by God to mankind. Rousseau believed however, we must find some form of association. In this regard, when united all members each of them; obedience to his own will. And will be free as he was before.

It would seem, therefore, that liberation consider as an englober project bringing all human action under the rule of reason. The chain bind us and ought to be broken. In this respect. Reason will teach us how to break them.”

One must immediately realise how Rousseau-Locke-Hobbes try and shapes the core idea of freedom. Taken as a whole, even Rousseau inspired me a lot more than others in the beg of this process, I would say that I am tend to converge my ideas with Hobbes more now.

Time has passed so quick, and things have differed, however, the seeking of the freedom by human still on the top. Great thinkers can make such theories, however, the things got more pessimistic and Hobbes seems more rational in the long run.


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