God willing aka “InshAllah”

If you spent some time in Muslim countries, you might meet with the word of “Inshallah”, which is best translated to English as God willing.

Late for work? Wait 15 minutes in advance and ask if the bus will arrive on time? – “Inshallah”

Wait longer to see when it will arrive…after 10 minutes? “Ohhhh k – Inshallah”

I’ve been working 10 hours a day for the past 6 months. Will I be at work on time tomorrow? “Inshallah” -or- Will I have any nice plan for this weekend? – “Inshallah”

Will I make my flight with 10 minutes til boarding closes, despite the fact I’ve been procrastinating in the shop for the last 20 minutes that have no idea where my friends has gone? – “Inshallah”

Will my english exam that I paid  2 times for my graduate so it would be an entry for scholarships? – “Inshallah”

Will I be paid this month? – “Inshallah”. Ok, then will I be paid on time? – “Inshallah”

All true.

So, in order to manage expectations, welcome to the world of InshAllah. : )


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