A shrill voice rings out –

A shrill voice rings out, “This is the Piccadilly line to Heathrow” breaking the rhythmic pumping of the Underground’s wheels. It’s a beautiful summer night, one that must have inspired many a romantics. I am heading back from Angel to catch a flight back to Istanbul in the morning, caught up in my thoughts of... Continue Reading →


Three Evolutions : Road from the 1648 to the Present

This paper will examine the three major periods of world politics as briefly. My first argument is about one of the catastrophic events which named as World Wars. The conflicts of the World War I based on the various economic, political, military developments all over Europe.  It’s fair to say, states had many expectations however,... Continue Reading →

The power of saying ‘No’

Some time ago, I was standing with people from my family I didn’t know who invited me to meet them. They had called my phone, insisted that they need me and I was at their house after half an hour. Once on that day, I realized I did not want to be there so I... Continue Reading →

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