Memories (Paris)

I heard a lot about Sheakspeare and Company bookshop at the heart of the Paris. I saw in it in some films for couple of times, but never thought I could go there one day.. So, after a quick search from the map and internet I went down to the streets from the Hotel. I knew that I could find no one to come with me but did not care about it, i just wanted to take my chance anyway..

After a bit confused mind, I went down from the metro in St.Germain Boulevard, and took a walk through St. Micheal’s. The bookshop must be around the Notre Dame de Paris Church. So i decided to move with asking about the church. After passed two different shops a black guy in the yellow and black painted bookshop on the right corner of the street, helped me to find it. I thanked him gently, and was in the Sheakspeare and Company after 5 mins.

God… The place was quite simple and intriguing that I was dying of happiness. So many people was coming and going from diverse directions. Can’t tell you how much I was happy while spending 4 hours in there… French, Chinese, Portugese, Italians and other people from far flung countries like me were all there to take a picture. After I discovered that bookshop with thhe splendid movie Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, that was a huge interest of me..

When I first get there, I thought I could stay until the last breath of my life. I was rushing through books and firstly saw of Jung’s Modern Man in Search Of a Soul, and Edward Said’s Orientalism was blinking to me from the corner;) Step by step, I touched all of them, felt, and carried some couple of with me. What was waiting for me on the upstairs was an amazing old books collection while a very nice piano melody shaking my soul from upstairs.. They were not for selling but reading for depends on the time you have.

Before leave, I saw so many people was leaving cute notes on the wall. So, why I wouldn’t try? I just did so.



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