Memories (Paris)

I heard a lot about Sheakspeare and Company bookshop at the heart of the Paris. I saw in it in some films for couple of times, but never thought I could go there one day.. So, after a quick search from the map and internet I went down to the streets from the Hotel. I... Continue Reading →


What’s happening?

Hello! I have to say, my visit to Paris has just completed with 4 amazing books from Sheaskpeare & Co. Here you can find the list of my latest book shopping:   1. Carl Gustave Jung - Modern Man in Search Of a Soul 2. Marcel Proust -  In Search Of Lost Time - Swann's Way 3. Virginia Woolf - To The Lighthouse... Continue Reading →

Emergence of Woman in Political Life 2

When we explore the situation from a social perspective, it’s necessary to suggest that women have never had a positive eye on them. Stereotypically, they are seen as vulnerable, and identified as an individual, who is not only suited for work that’s typically handled by a man such as construction and driving. As I’ve mentioned... Continue Reading →

Emergence of Woman in Political Life

                          In the late 1980’s discussions over women’s role in political, social, and economical was hardly made regarding the changes in the countries. Interestingly, the first highlighting was made by ‘Perestroika’ in the Soviet Union, and since then, economical reform throughout Eastern Europe... Continue Reading →

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