I want to begin at the point to where the misunderstanding begins: the meaning of the tolerance.The word of tolerance or being tolerated does not indicate to exposure state by suffering from some one’s behaviour. Instead, it reflects to being respected to all humans rights and freedom. This will be shown by looking at how kind of experiences did Europe have and how East & Asia societies still suffer from intolerance.

When we look at the emergence of the tolerance in the historical context, we first encounter with Saint Augustinus. As we know. he legimitized his autocracy with using quite remarks from the Bible the most famous one of them was ”Compell them to come in that may be my house fill”, from (Luke 14:23) When people have exteremely fear or love about something they have a enormous fear to lose it and that pursued them to being governed.

There are plenty of incidents in the European historical context may be exampilify this, however, maybe the most effective one appeared in the Jean Calas case, and he has been the symbol of Christian Religious Intolerance in France. And others followed by St Bartholomew Massacre and Thirty Years Wars. Remember how many Protestant people assasinated in one night and almost all Hugenot leaders have been murdered during French Wars of Religion. England also experienced Glorious Revolution and these sort of events led to occur significant figures in Europe such as Voltaire or John Locke, and the dozens of laws revealed in Germany and Austria, respectively.

Among these ufortunate events of Europe reflected to political and social life and it mostly handled human rights issues when it comes to mid 60’s. Since the liberal doctotines enunciated by these intellectual personalities, people had a chance to convey their rights to governments. According to this theory of state, governments have a only permission to protect and develop citizens’ life.

Now, I want to move on with a simple comparison with Eastern and Asian governments but also societies, and try and point out to issue from my mind. First, conversely with Christianism, we primarily see Islam forbids any kind of coercions in religion and Quran says, ”There shall be no coercion in matters of faith” – (Bakara 256). This is important because it wil be a real higlight to assess two religion’s reflection in society. Think about Eastern societies mainly consists by Muslim people, is there enough tolerance between people. As one of the person living in a Muslim country I say no. This is mainly not just because of the religious but also political attitudes, however there is no exception among these societies. We tend to set stones into human rights rather than respect. This contradicts with the composing soul of Islam and dissapointing to see people still behaving prejudicely to people from other religions. Take Turkey for example, at lots of girls forbidden by goverments to go to university because of their scarves and sexually begrudged in society. As a woman I did not suffer but then again it would be heart breaking to attribute myself lucky.

Taken as a whole, my confusion begins here, if we all conveyed our rights to government in order to guaranted them, so why are they taking such a delight to reject the some people’s preferences? I have the biggest frustration to living in one of the Muslim country where the human rights violence is high. This should not be forgotten that to put a pressure on any kind of beliefs strenghts the it rather than vice versa.


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