The Alineation of Modern Man

“It is not the consciousness of men that determines their being, but, on the contrary, their social being that determines their consciousness.” ― Karl Marx, A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy


Ok, I am not saying that I completely agree with Marxist theory from many aspects, but, I’ve been thinking over his alineation theory lately more than I do. I think his theory is quite relavant today where the specializing very rare and boring.

We are living, so we are told, through a paradoxial world. In other words, full of contradiction currently revealing among modern worlds issues. On the one hand, the endless sources of capitalism pumps so many alternatives in many ways and we never feel the absence of anything, but, on the contrary, economical and social aspects narrows everything in our life. Despite the huge sources of capital world, the rate of employment is rapidly rising, rich get richer and poor get poorer, creating more inequality conversely with freedom. It is clear that the progressive function of capitalism provides the material base for a society of genuine freedom in the future.

To commemorate Marx, today’s working class – some say bourgeoisie, represents the theory successfully. Take a typical employee for example, who is putting a sticker on cookies all day long. At some point, he might think why am I doing this for or what differences am I doing? From the mind of Marx, this person would means a lot. It is unfortunately quite common for the modern world in a different content.

Yet now what I see in the modern world is so many devoted lifestyles to become alike others, wasting time with stalking to create a social self. Typically, most of us constantly thinking about what other people’s job alike, how could I be more succesful or make more money If I didn’t do this job. You may think this is a bad day-dreaming, flashing in your heads day and night. As such, this is where the modern man’s alienation is happening..

The fact that, no matter how succesfull or clever you are, you are greedy for more.. This is so normal as well because capitalism in itself is so dynamic and greedy; pushing us to ask more. In a way, it is putting us into a competitive crash and we are carrying our lives with envying others, who the others envy for the others.. No matter how kind of ideological or intellectual background you are coming from, it is so clear that this is the hyprocracy of the modern world.

All in all, what I would hope and suggest is that to understand why the world is working in the way it is. Should to understand it so, we need a vision rather than ambitious; we need more sociology rather than envy; we need more reading rather than living as empty, and we need to try and understand how odd modern world is going on.


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