Modern Times Reflections: Animal Farm & Equal Marriage


Do you remember the novel “Animal Farm” by George Orwell? In the story, animals on a farm joined together, overthrew their human owners, and “liberated” all the animals.

The first thing the animals do was proclaim that “all animals are equal.” They painted this credo on the barn in big letters for all to see. Over time, some animals started taking charge — overseeing things at the farm, devising the rules and enforcing them. Order was necessary after all! All this seemed innocent and harmless enough until the animals in charge got comfortable with their power. They had cushy jobs on the farm, as did their family and friends.

Other animals worked and worked, being punished if they questioned this arrangement. The governing animals produced nothing, but took more than an equal share of feed and water, claiming it was necessary for maintaining order and productivity on the farm.

One night, without discussion or consent, the governing animals changed the credo on the barn to: “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others…”

If you look around you today, you might think the animals’ situation seems all too familiar, all too applicable to our lives today. Modern politicians and bureaucrats have learned that it’s best not to draw any attention to the privileged lives THEY enjoy at OUR rights. The dividing line is just same in Orwellian story.

Having read the latest debates over equal marriage, I funnily caught myself while thinking, ‘ how my gay friend from the UK has been one of the irreplaceable person for me, took me to so many cultural places, helped through things, gave wonderful conscious-expanding talks, while making my holiday worth living.”

Then I just came to realised that stereotyping people to according to their sexuality is awful. In my view, marriage is not an institution based on equality, so how else possibly people can begrudge some to join this?It is not my business. But if two people attached to each other in a romantic way, it’s certainly no business of law or any representatives, either.

The talks and debates through British Parliament has just revealed one thing is that, how many of UK’s elected representatives are barking Christians, full of hate and culturally empty. It’s clear that conservative arguments against gay marriage come down to sex. As the Tory MP puts it:

‘….If the government is serious about this, take it away, abolish civil union bill that applies to all people irrespective of their ‘sexuality’ or their relationship. That means brothers and brothers and sisters and sisters and brothers and sisters as well.”

So, is marriage really about sex? That does mean marriage is not about love. It just rationalize the debate over forced marriage as ‘fine’. Conservatives are currently pushing for conformity. But if equality is the right to conform, then they should not pretend like marriage is a mean of equality.

If this debate showed anything is that GB only changed its attitude to gay people socially, not politically.


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