So I’ve just finished watching the Life of Pi and it is safe to say Ang Lee’s another amazing film.


The film starts from interesting life of little Pi, who is living in India with his family. His father has a zoo, and one day, decides to close the zoo to move to Canada. He sells off a majority of the zoo animals to various zoos in America. The animals are loaded onto the same boat that the family will take to reach Winnipeg, Canada. On the journey to North America, the boat sinks.

As the only survivor of the shipwreck, he’s stuck in a lifeboat with a dying zebra and a hyena. Pi sees another survivor floating in the water and only after throwing them a life preserver and pulling them aboard does he realize that “Richard Parker” is actually the 400 pound tiger from his father’s zoo.

So, up to 7 weeks in the boat, all animals dies except Richard Parker, and Pi have to survive with a huge tiger in the middle of the Ocean. Pi hides on a makeshift and begins the process of taming the tiger with learning fishing. After a while, Pi gets close to him and learn how to survive, sharing with the tiger.

At a certain point, the two become so hungry and as time passes, they become quite ill. Still floating along alone and desperate, the two come across an island made of algae. Pi begins to eat so many algae longinly and recovered himselves and but they have to leave the island because of an acid produced by the island during the night hours.

Finally, after more time spent floating along in the ocean, Pi sights land in Mexico and disembarks. Richard Parker immediately runs off into the woods and Pi is recovered by two men from the shipping company who owned the boat that sank with his family on it. He relates to them the story of his 227 days on the boat, but they do not quite believe his fantastic tale of surviving with a Bengal Tiger and meeting a blind man in the ocean.


I have to be honest and say even I heard about succesful Indian movies a lot, I just procrastinated to watch the film first. Maybe the reason was, my thoughts over Brockeback Mountain as an exception for Ang Lee, and didn’t really expect to be ‘hitten’ by this film. But it did. Surprisingly, I did take such a delight of its sincere explanation in every minute of it and enjoyed with16 yr old boy and Richard Parker’s surviving.

The tiger was the crucial threat for him to alert, for sure. Perhaps you could think there is no tiger or all of its just his halucinations but, at one point, you could put yourself into Pi and ask, what would I do if I was there? Because, I did this so many times while watching it, and God knows I could never survive due to my heart attack. And I know so many other people couldn’t too, as indicated in the survey at the end of the film.

There are also great pictures in the film. I would suggest you to watch it in a cinema if you could, but watching at home also could leave quite impact on you, for sure. You just feel the movie all along stunning pictures while adapting their surviving in the ocean. It’s clear that Ang Lee put all his labour into the work to create fantastic pictures.. From the exotic soul of India to the breath-taking atmosphere of ocean, the film offering georgeous travel for us..

I also love Pi’s genuinesly approach to events since the begining of the film. What makes us stronger than belief? As a devoted Muslim, I liked his confused approach to the religion. As such, he has kind of mixed belief taken from three holy religions, which makes him non-religious. Interestingly, he has a strong belief to all, giving mindful reflections from each one during his surviving.

All those hard times did not kill his mercy inside.. While he was suffering from an extreme hunger and illness he shared his food with the tiger and never let him die. Pi, a 16 yr old boy, actually showed that ‘hope’ should never be lost. Overall, Angle Lee, who I admired him from Brokeback Mountain, impressed me once again. Just for a quick look to IMDB, the film got 8.2 point already, and seems to challenge other movies in the 11 different category, besides Steven Spielberg, Ouentin Tarantino, and other prominent director’s films.

I want to stop here, as it’s something you should discover for yourself.

This is a Must Watch. Go have it, you must.


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