Virginia’s Manifestation: A Room of One’s Own


“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”

– Thank you, Virginia. Quite right.

25th of the January is the birthday of Virginia Woolf, who was an English writer, and of the foremost modernist of the tweentieth century. Though she has criticised for solely focusing on the upper middle class of English intellengtsia, she made a major contribution to the English literature, and also to the feminist ideology. And some of famous books that you may remember by her, Mrs. Dolloway (1925), To The Light House (1927), and Orlando (1928). All of them reflects Virginia’s poetic vision and her soul deeply. However, the one I would like to talk about is ‘A Room of One’s Own'(1929).

In this work, Virginia try to make a great connection between ‘Woman’ and ‘Fiction’. The ongoing debate which focusing the unequality of women in society is protracted. There is a plenty of evidence in the historical context to give examples since the beginning of the modern world. To illustrate, take warriors, state leaders, workers, poets, authors and other groups for example. They are mainly consists of men. You can find so many socio- economical reasons  behind it which related to gender in society. As a feminist one, Virginia was passionate in search of answers in her book. And I really did like the way of her approach to the subjects while reading. Thanks her, for using the logic as a gift of a language! Who could portray Shakespeare as a woman except Virginia? The fact that she caught me at the very beginning of the book. After awhile, i felt dazzled, delighted and eager to read her more..

The thesis of the ‘A Room of One’s Own’ – women must have money and a privacy in order to write – is inevitably connected to the class. ”Genius like Shakespeare’s is not born among labouring, uneducated, servile people.” The words are hard but Virginia was firm. She primarily did note that women have been kept from writing because of their relative poverty, and financial freedom will bring women the freedom to write; “In the first place, to have a room of her own..was out of the question, unless her parents were exceptionally rich or very noble”. (Snap!). The title also refers to any author’s need for poetic licence and the personal liberty to create art. She thus pointed out to freedom and money to determine the means of womens lives. Women was uneducated, had to marry at fifteen and carry dozens of children.. As one can see, her points was shaping around socio-economic reasons, mainly. Overall, the message of the book is simple: women must have a fixed income and a room of their own in order to have freedom to create.

Out of many reasons, the one I really do like about the book is, the way its pushing you to overview today’s society again and find seven differences between two pictures.. Today, we definitely living in the world that most of the women living through better conditions. When Virginia wrote that book, it was 1930 and until now, there has been so many changes in the world. Women occurs in political, social, and economical life effectively than world around her – 30’s. In developed regions; Europe and USA, high number of fearless women appears in a wide area of working. And this seems to rationalize her insistency upon ‘money, freedom and successs’ triangle.


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