My Jihad is Women’s Rights: Stop FGM now!


From Middle East to Asia, it is not uncommon to see that female having a genital mutiliation. Yet, having criticised by many NGO’s, it is most and probably the worst tradition which is UNRELATED to Islam. In this paper, i’m going to elaborate the background of this terrinble disaster and try to clarify that its hazard.

There are several reasons for this extremely dangerous tradition. First, religious and cultural background determine the rules of this. It is basic one condition in order to keep womens’ virginity until marriage. At the same time, man usually does not prefer to marry with an uncircumcised woman. It is hardly surprising that man think over this issue logically, adopting this tradition since little ages. Furtermore, circumciser demands quite good money from this job.

FGM is typically carried out on girls from a few days old to puberty. It usually performed without an anaesthesia, by a traditional circumciser using a knife, razor, or scissors. The main three are Type I, removal of the clitoral hood, Type II, removal of the clitoris and inner labia; and Type III, removal of all or part of the inner. Facing a direct violation by society, think about how kind of extreme trauma that little girls could have..

Yet the organizations such as United Nations and World Health Organization are still inadequate; social traditions cannot simply change and as such, you cannot intervene them. Take Egypt, for instance; after the Arab Spring, Muslim Brothers who was fighting for democracy against Mubarak regime, turned into biggest supporter of the FGM.

Let’s move on and remember the modern world’s foremost attributes: Individual rights, freedom of choice, gender equality, etc. FGM is neither a choice to make on your body, nor equal as men. Even men’s circumcision is cumpulsory in other religions tho, its comparatively much healthier than a woman’s one. Circumcise a woman means; put one woman’s life in danger or cause physical and physiological disasters in the long term. Overall, we see it is a direct humiliation to women’s body that must consider as human rights violation. In this regard, the world need attention not by just women, but all sensible people should response it.


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