The Slow and the Serious approach to Life

1. Patience-Patience means you make time your ally, not your enemy. It takes as long as it takes. 2. The Work-You embrace doing what is good and necessary and required. This is non negotiable. You are industrious because this gets you what you want, there is no hesitation on this. 3. You Improve-All the time,... Continue Reading →

Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Munich film. Those lines were amazing and it makes me feel like I should share on my wordpress. Hegel's "Philosophy of Right" does not assign a moral category to "wrong". Free will inevitably causes wrong. That's written by Marx. The blind anarchy of capitalism. So you have to be prepared... Continue Reading →

Tough Talk

When I was at the Istanbul airport in June I saw Scarlett Johanson's picture on the wall and it was saying "I am strong, I am free but I still need love." For me, I am quite talented to make wrong choices and end up breaking down, so I took it way too personal. I think... Continue Reading →

Memories (Paris) 2

Ok so this is the second time I'm visiting Sheakspeare & Co bookshop in Paris. With the same feelings, same joy and same excitement. This time I left another note and hopefully next time I will leave another one too. This bookshop has been particularly a special place for me since I've watched Before Sunset's... Continue Reading →


Ego is a word that has a negative connotation in society but don't confuse the perceived definition of ego with the actual one. Ego is associated with self-esteem, drive and determination, it only becomes negative when it is selfish. Leaders are by nature proud people and it is doubtful that a person claiming to have... Continue Reading →

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